Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cyle and Athena's wedding (Part 1)

We finally pulled into the Allred's house at 2:30 in the morning and we were beat! Unfortunately the kids weren't and they were so excited to see their friends Lynlee and Reid that they stayed up the rest of the night. No kidding! They were crazy! I was so tired that after a couple times telling them to be quiet and go to bed, I gave up.

On Friday we got to hang out with Rochelle and the kids. While Ken was off on his mission to get the van in driving condition, we met with Codi and Coby, Gerry and Beverly, and my parents at Cabela's. It was fun to be all together and the kids enjoyed seeing all the cool things at Cabela's.
After looking around, we headed back to Rochelle's house where she was nice enough to help me with my hair. I had decided to try curling it, but after 30 minutes I was still only halfway through. I asked if we could do some "dueling curling irons" and with both of us curling away it still took another 15 minutes. (I doubt I will be doing my hair like that again anytime soon.) Ken and I were especially grateful that Rochelle was willing to watch our kiddos as we attended the rehearsal dinner. Good thing too. Our kids were EXHAUSTED! Morgan fell asleep before we even left and she stayed asleep until the next morning!

We met on Temple Square to try to get a family picture before the dinner. We didn't get the shot that I wanted, but we got some that will do...

On Friday night there was a Rehearsal Dinner at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. It was a beautiful setting over looking Temple Square! I loved seeing so many members of our extended family and dear friends (that I love like family). My cheeks hurt from smiling. :) Ken played beautiful background music while we visited and then had a delicious dinner. I was honored that Cyle and Athena asked me to sing as part of the program; so I channeled my best Etta James, and sang "At Last". The bridesmaids presented a cute "Athena Survival Kit" to Cyle and then Cyle's groomsmen showed a PowerPoint presentation complete with goofy videos and pictures of Cyle. I was laughing so hard my sides hurt! Athena's sister, Jessica sang a beautiful arrangement of "When You Say Nothing at All".

It was a lovely evening! Of course that wasn't enough partying for us and we headed back to the Skouson's hotel room for more fun and conversation. It was so fun being all together!

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