Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Break

Spring Break fell between trips we are taking with Cyle's wedding, so we decided to stay close to home. Truth be told, we slept in and kept things pretty low key.

Monday was pretty normal with music class in the afternoon. The kids big treat was playing several hours of video games.

Tuesday we went to Jumpin' with the Briggs. It was lots of fun to see the kids playing together. Afterward Bryce came to our house to play for a couple of hours. Let me share the conversation I overheard when we got home...

Trevor: "Bryce, what do you want to do?"
Bryce: "I don't know."
Trevor: "Do you want to play video games?"
Bryce: "Nah..."
Trevor: "How about jumping on the trampoline?"
Bryce: "Nope."
Trevor: "Wanna dig a hole?"
Bryce: "Dig a hole?!? Yeah!"

Maybe it is just me, but I found this totally hilarious and had to laugh as they ran out into the backyard. Ahh, the simple joys of little boys! :)

On Wednesday we went an awesome carnival at the Hansens. It was incredible, complete with animal balloons (I found trying to make balloon animal is strangely addicting), a magic show, carnival games such as a bean bag toss, a cake walk, and hot potato. We even ate corn dogs and had cotton candy. The kids had a great time playing with all their friends and totally embraced the carnival theme. (Hopefully I can get some pictures from Jen later.) After the carnival we went to Costco and then the kids played with friends.

On Thursday we were going to go to the museum, but the kids decided that they would rather go bowling with the Briggs and Alexanders. Bowling was a blast and I was surprised how much they had improved since the last time we had gone. Morgan even got two strikes in a row! We had so much fun we had to bowl two games! Luckily, Kris had her camera and was able to snap these cute pictures...

Friday I spent the morning at the repair shop and we ended up missing the picnic with friends we had planned on going to. But it was a beautiful day and we headed for the park anyway. That evening we ordered pizza and then watch Tangled. A fun family night!


Kris said...

It was a good week. I loved hanging out with you guys! And seriously, Trevor and Bryce with the digging a hole..hilarious!

Marie said...

Diggin' a hole! That's awesome. We have a spot where the kids can dig here too. They love it! Sounds like a good spring break! IT always goes by so fast!