Saturday, April 2, 2011

March Madness!

Every March we get sucked into the madness. We count down to the big dance. This year we anticipated it even more because BYU had a decent seed in the tournament. It was even more fun because the Cougars were playing in Denver for the second round. We kept looking at tickets and dreaming about going to the game. Of course it was on a crazy busy night for me and knew it would be really hard to make that work. Ken kept looking at prices, which were a little too pricey, but they dropped like crazy just a couple of hours before the game and I told him he had to go!

The game against Wofford wasn't great, but we got the "w." Even though BYU didn't play their best, Ken and his friends had a blast being there! It was fun for them to be there for the double-header.

For the game against Gonzaga we had friends over to watch the game. It was quite the party which was enhanced by the Cougs playing amazingly well. I was really nervous how we would be able to compete in the paint with their big men, but we seemed to be firing on all cylinders! It was a great game! I swear, if we had played like that every game, BYU could have taken the whole thing!

The game against Florida for the Sweet 16 round was a little painful to watch, especially the overtime. I was amazed that for as poorly as we were playing that we stayed close. It was heartbreaking when our boys could not pull out the win, but I am so proud of their great season! We look forward to being a Jimmer fan for years to come and I hope he gets the Player of the Year award.

Fun to see John Stockton in the crowd!

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