Thursday, February 7, 2013

Georgia with the guys

Years ago some of our dear husbands thought it only appropriate that if the girls got to get away and scrapbook all weekend, then the boys should get to do something fun too.  I think that is a pretty fair trade.  They usually travel to take in a BYU football game, golf, and eat a ton.  In past years they have gone to a home game in Provo, but this last year they decided to branch out and attend the Georgia Tech game in Georgia.

A few years ago our friends, the Harmons moved to Atlanta and they have been hoping for visitors.  Jeff has gone on "mancation" a couple of times and is a big BYU fan.  They guys were excited to try somewhere new.  They had a blast cheering on the Cougs to victory, some beautiful golfing, and lots of great guy time.

Ken works so hard for our family that I am glad he can get away and have a good time with friends.  He totally deserves it!  Wonder where they will go next year? :)

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