Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Halloween

Our Halloween was pretty low-key this year.  Actually that is how I prefer it -- I am not really that into Halloween, but I go along for the kiddos.  Of course we carved pumpkins...

We attended the church carnival, trunk or treat, and chili cookoff.  Ken was out of town, but we had a blast and invited Shannon and her cute kiddos.

And then the big night!  Morgan dressed up as her favorite book character, Renn.  Trevor dressed in head to toe camo and called himself "camo-man".  Peyton was just about the cutest witch around.  Cooper dressed up as Tigger and had fun showing everyone how he could bounce.  Morgan and Trev took off around the neighborhood with Trey and Ken (dressed as Mitt Romney) took Peyton, Cooper, and Evan around while I maned the front door.

Happy Halloween!

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