Thursday, February 14, 2013

Family Pictures 2012

Every fall we like to take a new family picture.  I love documenting how our family is growing up and we also (hopefully) have a nice picture to send out with our Christmas cards.  This year we needed new tires on our car so Ken voted to forgo pictures.  I was sad not to have our beloved photographer and friend, Becky, take our pictures, but I didn't want to let Ken off the hook. :) 

One gorgeous afternoon I went through our closets and found some things that would work together, grabbed my camera and tripod, and we headed toward the park.  Our pictures, for sure, were not as beautiful as Becky would have done them, but I was still pleased to catch that moment in time.


1 comment:

Haley L said...

Those turned out AMAZING! Traditional and classy, but fun. Love them all. :)