Monday, February 4, 2013


I spent many days in October and early November attending rallies for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.  I totally got inspired while listening to them speak and I was so glad I got to see them in person so many times.  There was also something inspiring about being with so many others that supported Mitt for president.

I attended a Mitt rally at a high school with Erica, Shannon, and Nichole.  We had no idea we would be treated to a small concert beforehand by Jo Dee Messina.  It was an absolutely beautiful Colorado evening.  We all had a great time!

My favorite rally was at Red Rocks.  Probably one of the coolest political experiences of my life!  First off, Red Rocks is absolutely iconic.  I was glad we arrived early because there were people everywhere and they estimated about 5,000 people got turned away.  It was a special night where Rodney Adkins and Kid Rock warmed up the crowd.  Then Susanna Martinez and Paul Ryan spoke before Mitt took the stage.  There was absolute electricity in the air.  My favorite was the moment when Mitt came out and was obviously overwhelmed at the crowd and rugged beauty of the amphitheater.  In his face I could plainly see the humility and desire to do the absolute best he could for every person in the crowd.  It was something I felt to blessed to be a part of.

In the week before the election I volunteered at two Paul Ryan events, one in Greeley and one in Johnstown.  It was fun to meet new friends and work on the local level.  I got to work with my friend, Lindy Dangerfield on both events.  I also had a great time talking with Charles, a secret service agent.  At the event in Greeley one of the campaign workers took me right up next to the stage so I was only about 25 feet from Ryan as he spoke.  I even got to shake his hand!

The last Mitt rally I attended we made a family affair.  It was an event at Fiddler's Green in front of over 18,000 people.  We took the whole family and met Holly and Brian there with the cousins.  The kids had a great time dancing to the music checking out the snipers and security on nearby rooftops.   It was great to see Ann and Mitt speak just before the election.  It was also fun to go up to the front afterward and see some of the big Colorado movers and shakers.  We even got our picture taken with Bob Beauprez.  It was a super fun night!

Even though Mitt lost the election, I wouldn't trade the hours I spent at these events for anything!  I was grateful to support two men that I had full trust that they understood the problems our nation faces and had a plan to fix them.  I'm not sure if I will ever see again in my lifetime a man that was as prepared as Mitt was.  Our nation will be the poorer (literally and figuratively) because he wasn't elected.

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Erica said...

This brought back such great memories! Thank you for letting me attend with you- I loved being in the presence of greatness.