Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It was a "Mother's Weekend"...

This last weekend we had such a blast, my mom came to visit! She got in on Thursday and we headed immediately to our favorite place -- Costco! We got home just in time for me to teach a voice lesson and then we got ready to go to the theater. We planned on taking my mom out for her birthday. We enjoyed a leisurely dinner at Hacienda Colorado and then drove down to the Denver Performing Arts Complex to see A Chorus Line.

The show is a classic and we were glad that we went and saw it. You really have to be a triple threat to be in that show! For it being such a "standard" show, I was surprised that I was not more familiar with the music. I enjoyed the show and you could see how it would have been very edgy and "important" for the 1970's.

Friday we had scrapbook day here. We had a wonderful time and we had some people that don't usually come. It was truly a treat to have them there. It great enjoying the conversation and everyone working on projects. I got a couple of digital layouts done for my first digital album I am trying to complete.

Saturday we just had a "get it done day", doing errands and tidying up the house. We hit the quilt shop down off of 144th. It was incredible and the assortment of fabrics was delicious. It confirmed to me that I need to stick to scrapbooking and cards, because I could easily see how how fabric could become a new obsession.

Saturday night my mom babysat the kiddos so Ken and I could go out on a date. We went out to dinner and then went and saw Ironman. That movie rocked! I love the idea that you can be a super hero just because you are wicked smart. That is certainly a good one to see in the theater.

Sunday after church I got to take a nap. Seriously, I think that is my very favorite thing ever -- a Sunday afternoon nap! Then we went down to Holly and Brian's house for a delicious Mother's Day dinner. I love watching the cousins play together. It was the perfect way to spend the day, with my mom and and lovely dinner.

It was fantastic having my mom visit for the weekend. My kiddos love their grandma so much! she always does fun things with them. This time was making monkey bread and monkey milk in their brand new monkey aprons that she had made for them. We always have a wonderful time when my mom is around. She totally knows how to light up a room. I am so grateful that she is my mom. I love her so much!!!

I always hate the part when she has to leave. Luckily, we will be heading to Oklahoma soon for a family reunion and we will all be together soon.


Jen said...

I want my mom too! What a great time for you and what a cool mom! Please tell me how to get to that quilt shop so I can spend some money there.

mcojaadams said...

I had such a wonderful time at your home working on my sewing project! I love being around so many fantastic women including your Mother! It is my hope to have more Friday's spent just like that!
Looking forward to SYTYCD!