Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ode to Kirsten...

I am trying not to take it personally. But two of my dearest friends are both moving soon. Kirsten is leaving next week and Rochelle is leaving at the end of June. I have purposefully not thought too much about it because when I do, I start to cry. My only consolation is that they are both moving to Utah and that is one place that we seem to end up in at least once a year. I am already looking forward to those visits.

On Saturday we (thanks so much to Jamie for organizing it!) had a farewell BBQ for the McNeal family. It was a perfect, Colorado spring afternoon. The kids played at the park while the adults talked and talked. It was heavenly.

I will miss this dear lady so much! I remember when Ken came home from a church visit one night about 4 years ago and told me about this great family he had met with. They had kids that were the same age as our kids. I couldn't wait to meet them. In some ways that seems funny because it seems like Kirsten has always been my friend. Almost as soon as we met, we became close -- that wonderful openness is one of my favorite qualities about Kirsten. Whenever we are together, there is never a loss of what to say. I could seriously talk to her forever! She has so many incredible experiences to share and I learn so much from her.

Our kids have also been friends for most of their lives. Trevor and Conner especially love to play together. On Wednesday afternoon is their standing play date and almost everyday Trevor asks if it is Wednesday because he wants to play with Conner. :) I know Trevor will miss Conner so very much.

Kirsten has cared for my children and taught them on many occasions. She has been such an important influence for good in all of our lives. I totally appreciate the many times she has saved me by watching my kids (especially yesterday when at the very last second, she took Peyton and Trevor so I could go to my performances!).

I know the McNeal family will always be our friends and always in our lives. I admit, watching the "Holy War" is more fun when you have Ute fans to enjoy it with -- seems to raise the stakes a little. :) We will miss them so much when they leave, but they will always have a special place in my heart. The BBQ was a wonderful last hoorah!

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