Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Birthaversary!

My friend Alison coined this word for those that have their birthday and their anniversary close together. This is exactly Ken's situation, so it is nice to have a word for the celebrations.

On Friday we all headed down to Holly and Brian's house. For Mother's Day Brian had given Holly and I gift certificates to a spa. We chose this Friday for our massages, manicures, and pedicures. I had never been to a spa before -- it was amazing and I felt so pampered. I especially loved the massage with how my neck has been so sore lately. I also loved spending the day with Holly (Brian had offered to watch all the kiddos). They had also offered to take the kids for the weekend. The best "birthaversary" present ever!

Friday night we celebrated Ken's birthday by going out to eat with Holly and Brian while Kelly watched the kids. It must be so nice to have a built in babysitter. After dinner we went and saw Get Smart. Hilarious!!! We absolutely love spending time with Holly and Brian. They are so fun and great to talk with.

The rest of the weekend we completely enjoyed being together. We went shopping, out to eat, watched movies, and talked, talked, talked. We went and saw Jekyll and Hyde on Saturday night. I have been wanting to see that musical for some time. I was impressed with the performance (for community theater) and liked the show despite the dark plot -- it had some great music. I love live theater!

Another one of the highlights of the weekend for me was watching our wedding video. It has probably been 10 years or so since we have seen it. A few things really struck me. First of all, holy cow, we were young! Ken looked completely shell shocked! Who could blame him? It was really the first time he met most of my large crazy family. :) Which brings me to another thing that impacted me. It is was so wonderful to see how many people loved and supported us by making the trip to San Diego for our wedding. Besides marrying my sweetheart, that was the best thing about that day!

The last 12 years seem to have gone by so quickly. Our wedding doesn't seem that long ago and it is also a lifetime away. Even though we were so young, I totally would marry him again. I think that Ken and I are a great fit for each other and I love him so much. I am so grateful for the last 12 years and all the experiences we have shared together. I feel so blessed and it just keeps getting better...


The Cox Family said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Sounds like a great weekend!

Naomi said...

Good grief! Was that really 12 years ago? Amazing. You're still as gorgeous as ever, of course! So fun to see those pictures!

About the other blog . . . I had to ditch it because I don't understand all the computer mumbo jumbo to keep it up. This format should work much better for me. Thanks for visiting!

Blaine and Tirsa said...

I didn't know you guys were married in the San Diego temple, too! That is awesome. You guys do look so young, even though you don't necessarily look old now...just "mature" in a good way. :)

Rochelle said...

Happy Birthaversary! You and Ken do totally fit! You totally scored on the spa day!

mom said...

Hmmm -- what happy happy memories of a wonderful time for our whole (extended) family. Everyone was so excited for you two -- and the Brundages pulled out all the stops. Happy Bir-a-versary, or however you say it. Did Ken get his card fr/ us?