Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ode to the Allreds

For months I knew this day was coming. Now that it is here, it is not any easier. Today our dear friends, Shane and Rochelle Allred, are moving. My heart is aching and there is this horrible lump in my throat that does not seem to be going away. I cannot say enough about this amazing family -- they will be so missed!

Shane and Ken were in school at BYU together and we knew he had also gotten a job with IBM and would soon be joining us out in Colorado. Even though I had not met them yet, I looked forward to the Allreds, DeBrys, and Klines (all at school together) all being here. As soon as I met Shane and Rochelle I knew we would be good friends.

This was before either of us had kids and we spent a lot of late nights hanging out, watching movies, and talking. I soon learned that I had to eat carefully around Shane. He is so funny-- on more than one occasion I have choked on my food because Shane says something hilarious right after I take a bite. (Maybe he does it on purpose?!?) I think it was during this time we became each other's "Colorado family." We started spending many weekends and holidays together.

We also started establishing traditions together. When we were in town for a holiday we would spend it together. The Allreds, Debrys, Klines, and Siders have had many a meal together. :) Even if we had family in town visiting, often they would join us in the celebration. After all, they were our family too. We also started going up to Montana to the Debry's family cabin. We started doing this when we each just had one baby, now we are totally outnumbered by kids. I hope we never fall out of favor with the Debrys because this is one of our kids, and our, favorite traditions -- every summer we go up to "the cabin." We all look forward to it every summer and count down the days until we go ( only 2 and a half weeks!). When the Debrys moved to Idaho we were so sad and Rochelle and I threw a goodbye dinner party for them. This too became a tradition. Every year since then we have hosted the Allred/Siders Christmas party. This past year before we had even figured out when we were doing it, we had people asking when it was so they could reserve their babysitter. :)

Then of course, there are the thousands of little things: play dates for the kids, who practically grew up together, fun trips and picnic lunches to the zoo, Canadian Thanksgiving, watching SYTYCD together, book club, and girls' nights. Too many wonderful times together to count. The Allred family is completely entwined with our life here in Colorado. It is very difficult seeing them go.

On Saturday we had a little goodbye party for the Allreds. We had it at the park because we knew there was no way any of our houses could hold all of their friends. It was a beautiful evening spent with friends and hopefully a wonderful last hurrah with the Allreds -- hopefully Becky will post some of them pictures she took soon. :) I think they really loved the scrapbook we made of just a few of their Colorado friends (they have many that call them friend!). I hope everyone had as much fun as I did and thanks to all those that came out to say goodbye.

My dear friend Rochelle is one of the greatest examples in my life. She is one of the best examples of Christlike love and service that I know. She has such grace and patience and handles just about anything thrown at her in such a beautiful way. She is always willing to serve -- I can't tell you how many times she has watched our kiddos for us. She is a true friend who always keeps confidences, thinks and speaks the best of others, and loves unconditionally. Rochelle is one of those people that you can count on and it is a great blessing in my life that she counted on me too. I am so glad that I was one of the people she would call if things got a little overwhelming (which was not very often because she is really good at rolling with the punches). She has a beautiful spirit about her and such a love of the gospel. She always wants to do what is right. I love her so much and I am so grateful for her example and all that she has added to my life and to all those who knew her.

I will miss you my dear friend. This morning it was hard to say goodbye. As the tears were flowing (you know, the the UGLY kind) and Ken was hugging me to try and ease some of the pain, I asked him if he and Shane were upset too. He assured me they were crying on the inside. :) I wish you all the very best. Utah is not really that far away and I am always up for a road trip. I love you very much!


estanworth said...

They will definatly be missed. What a beautiful tribute to them!!

Chris said...

Good friends, good times. Blogs help, though. At least the funny ones help. :-)

Marie said...

It's just not going to be the same without them! I hope your families still get together often!

mom said...

what a pleasure thru the years to watch your friendship w/ Rochelle and crazy Shane grow....they have become our friends too. good thing we love to occasionally hang out in Utah!

Rochelle said...

You always know how to make me cry! I feel like I cannot adequately express my love and gratitude to you and all our friends. I don't think I chose to go down that emotional road of "Goodbye" before we moved, because I wanted to be brave and excited for the kids. Carli, you are a true friend, because you also know all of my faults and weaknesses, but you look past them to see the good. You have taught me so much, and you are a most amazing woman. Most of all, you amaze me and inspire me with the way that you love others. I think that is the ultimate Christ-like attribute. How can we ever return so much love from all our amazing friends? We are overwhelmed! Thank you, Thank you.