Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A day in my crazy life...

Today was a totally crazy day. I have been in a sprint since I got up this morning. It started when the day was just barely pink and Trevor came and got in bed with us. He was still sick and his fever was raging. I got everyone dressed, fed, and got Morgan off to school. I was just finishing putting on my makeup so I could go to my hair appointment when there was a knock at the door. I had double booked a new student with my haircut. One of those moments when I am oblivious to the fact that the 18th and Tuesday are the same day. Luckily, Erica was able to squeeze me in later and I was able to teach my new student. She is a woman in her 40s that has never sung before. She is taking lessons to surprise her family and be able to jam with her son that plays guitar. So cool! Then lunch for kids. Haircut -- I am loving stepping outside of the "Carli bob." Then off to Costco. Then home at the speed of light to make dinner for us and the wonderful woman that I visit teach who just had a cute baby boy last week. Taught a bunch of lessons, then scarfed down my dinner before dropping off a baby gift, grabbing samples of the projects I am suggesting, and heading to a meeting to finalize Super Saturday. An hour and a half later, I swing by Dairy Queen for a banana cream pie blizzard to split with Ken. Yum. Then time at the computer to write emails and a quick blog update. Now the house is still a mess. (I swear, it started out clean this morning!) So off to put toys away (again), do dishes (again), sweep the floor (again), and put stuff away (AGAIN!). Only to get up for another busy day tomorrow... I barely had time to breathe today, but I want to finish up the day with thinking of some of the things I learned today and am grateful for.
  1. It is so cool to see someone willing to step outside their comfort zone and take the risk of trying something new. I need to do that more.
  2. Costco (need I say more?!?)
  3. Kids that don't feel well like to cuddle and read stories. :)
  4. New babies!!!
  5. Great quote by President Hinckley that was shared at my meeting. "Try a little harder, to be a little better."

Great inspiration. Tomorrow I will try a little harder...


Becky said...

Try a little harder! What more could you possibly do Super Woman! You're an inspiration - also making me feel quite lazy. :)

The Cox Family said...

You go girl!!! :)