Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Birthday Boy...

My little boy is growing up. He is now an official four year old. He asked me as I was putting him to bed if a four year old is a "big kid?" He was thrilled when I told that I thought being four certainly did qualify. :)

Many little things remind me he is getting bigger. A very obvious clue was when he put on some jeans this morning (which he hadn't worn for a couple of months) and he came in and told me they were too small. Sure enough, they were not even close to being buttoned and the hem had "shrunk" a couple of inches. It is also the little things though. For the past two years, no matter how much we worked with him, he has always called Morgan, "Norgan." Then on Saturday, out of the blue it seemed, he started pronouncing it correctly. I was excited for him, but kind of sad too. It seems the end of an era.

We had a very fun (but we kept it quite low key) party on Saturday (what he kept calling his "pretend birthday"). He wanted a Scooby Doo party. He invited about eight guests plus "the cousins." (It is so fantastic having them close now.) We played, got Scooby Doo tattoos, decorated scooby snacks, and ate a yummy chocolate cake. Everyone had a great time.

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