Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Debate...

I thought the debate on Tuesday went rather well, but not anything that was really new. I was completely unimpressed by Fred's debut, especially when compared to Mitt and Rudy. There were some great answers and I loved the side debate with Mitt and Rudy. I think it is time for some of the others to go. It is so difficult to get into specifics when you only have a minute to answer.

I am a little frustrated about the reports out there that are mocking Mitt's answer about talking to his lawyers. I think he answered the question just fine. He was asked about what involving congress and of course that is a legal matter. That has very little to do with acting under an immediate threat. I do think that under such a situation that he would be able to make a pragmatic, well thought out, and cool headed decision. I really admire someone that can keep their wits about them.

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