Thursday, October 11, 2007

Me and Mitt!!!

Yesterday I got to go hear Governor Mitt Romney at a Town Hall event down at Denver University. He gave an energetic speech then he took questions from the audience. there were some great questions asked; Iraq, line item veto, gay discrimination, health care, and a few others. Not exactly softball questions. I wish I had been brave enough to ask the question I had, but I was sure I would word it badly.

In any case, I was such a treat to hear him speak live and to shake his hand. Now more than ever I want to get involved and start putting my money (and effort) where my mouth is.


smallred said...

Carli, this is a great picture, but I noticed that some pixels had been tampered with. I ran some software to uncover the true unaltered image and was left with this click here. Please explain!

tamiz said...

LOLOLOL to smallred's Dr.ed picture!!! I honestly thought that the real pic was a fake. I had no idea you were so political. I need to care more. I just go down the party line. Hey, since you are so informed. I have my mail in ballot here and I can't vote because I don't know anything about anyone on it. It' all school district stuff. Do you know anything? I want to be involved and vote but I feel like not even returning it b-cuz of my lack of info.

smallred said...

Carli, you have inspired me. I met Mitt too and he is a great guy. He even kissed my baby click here. I'll vote for Mitt!