Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Honey Festival is SWEET!

Take Note was asked to sing for the Firestone Honey Festival. I always love singing for community events. I especially love when we can perform in the air conditioning and with a good sound system. It was great to have some of my awesome friends come and support us sing, but other than them, the audience was a little unresponsive. It was still worth it though. Ken is incredible (as usual) and was able to step in and play the piano for us because two of our pianists were unable to make the gig. Thanks HONEY! :)

It was fun to find out Sunday morning that Take Note was one of two pictures that made the Times-Call newspaper article about the event. Got to love free publicity!

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Marie said...

I was there! I can't believe I missed it though. I had to go to a baptism and couldn't wait any longer. I WILL see you guys perform! I'm determined!