Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hooray for family!

Every two years we do a family reunion with my mother's side of the family. It is an absolute blast! I love catching up and hanging out with my fantastic aunts, uncles, and cousins. It is especially fun that my cousins have kiddos about the same age as ours and it is great watching them play together.

For the reunion we went up to Lake Tahoe again and we couldn't have asked for better. The place we stayed at had cabins with a nice open space where we did our giant group meals and a pool and hot tub steps from our room. (It was great to put Cooper down for a nap, crack the window, and play with the kids at the pool.) Lake Tahoe is beautiful, even if the water is a bit cold. Almost everyone was able to attend and we had around 50 of us -- quite a crew! We loved spending time together in such a beautiful setting.

It was also a treat to be there for my cousin's wedding. She chose a beautiful spot right on the beach. We loved being there to support her and her super, cool new husband. After the wedding, most of us just changed into our suits and played at the beach. So fun!

We didn't want to the party to end, so the next day we packed up and headed to Monterey so we could continue the party down at Clint and Audra's wedding. (To be continued...)

My mom and her awesome sisters!

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