Monday, August 9, 2010

My Little Ballerina...

Peyton absolutely LOVES going to her ballet and tap class. She can't get enough of dancing and feels the need to "bust a move" whenever she hears some music. She is convinced that everytime Ken sits down to piano it is to be her personal dance accompanist. He now has much of the Nutcracker music memorized. :)

In May, Peyton and her class got to perform in the dance recital "on the REAL stage". Of course I had to take pictures of her and her friend Lydia in their costumes. The dance they learned was really cute. Here is a video of the dress rehearsal and Peyton did even better for the performance. We are so pleased that she is learning from her fantastic teacher Mrs. Whittler and are really proud of our little ballerina.

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Brandie Lyon said...

Love her "vogue" pose in the last pic.