Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Where did the summer go?!?

I admit it. I get as excited as the kids do about back-to-school shopping! When we returned home from our vacation we realized that school was starting in just a couple of weeks. We began preparing; getting school supplies, buying new clothes (especially for Trevor -- he is growing so fast!), trying to go to bed earlier, and doing lots of fun activities during our last few free days.

Before we knew it, Back to School Night was upon us and the Kids got to meet their teachers. Trevor is loving being in Mrs. Zamudio's 1st grade class and Morgan is doing great in Mrs. Higerd's 4th grade class.

They were both so excited to start the new school year and were up early the next morning. They were apparently "too cool" to have me walk them. They wanted to ride their bikes instead. Are we to that ALREADY?

I am so excited for my kiddos and all that they will learn this year and the new adventures they will be having! I love them both so much and I know they are going be fantastic!!!


Brandie Lyon said...

they are the same size

Brandie Lyon said...
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