Monday, August 9, 2010

Way Out West In a Dress

This spring my friend Sarah suggested that I go with her and audition for the community musical melodrama up in Johnstown. The thought of being in a play again was really appealing and I couldn't wait to talk to Ken about it. Lucky for me, I have a wonderful, supportive husband who thought I should go for it. It meant a lot of him watching the kids while I was at rehearsal and I am so grateful that he let me have this opportunity.

I was cast as one of the leads, Jessica James, the villianess. The creative process of discovering my character and interacting with the rest of the cast was wonderful! I love those friendships that develop while creating together!

The show is about a member of an acting troupe, Clarence Rawlins, that inherits what he thinks is a saloon out in Lucky lady, NV. He and the rest of his troupe use that last of their funds to move out west and run the saloon. When they get there, they find out his great aunt, Iva Fortune, had really bad handwriting and instead he is inheriting the Lucky Lady Salon. Back then it was considered very "unmanly" to style womens hair so he and his friends use their acting costumes and skills to open the salon to make ends meet. Unfortunately for them, they are getting in the way of the bank heist the villian, Colt Revolver Jr. and Jessica James are planning. As you can imagine, hilarity ensues.

The performances went really well, well except the second night when my gun kept slipping down my dress, but that is another story. :) I was so grateful to all the friends that supported our cast and came to enjoy the show. I was especially glad that my parents, sister and her kids, and in-laws traveled to attend. My wonderful (and gifted) friend Becky took some pictures during the show. We also got a few video clips. Enjoy!

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Brandie Lyon said...

I love your head shot. You look bee-ut-iful!