Thursday, January 3, 2008

Big day...

Today is a big day. Let's hope the good people of Iowa get it right. I wish I could be there right now helping out, sadly I couldn't make it work. I am looking forward to attending a Colorado call night/returns party tonight. Maybe in some small way I can help the cause here in my state.

I thought Huckabee (or Schmuckabee, as I prefer to call him lately) did a nice job on Leno last night. As I have said before, he is a very likable, funny guy -- that is NOT a reason to vote for him to be leader of the free world. Between his record in Arkansas, his gaffes, and especially his ridiculous publicity stunts, I could never vote for him. A fiscal liberal in sheep's clothing.

Mitt Romney is the man to bring change to Washington! He has a proven record of turning tough situations around and governing as a conservative. Mitt Romney has my vote!

Mitt in '08!

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mom said...

A "fiscal liberal in sheeps clothing" !!! Yah. We're all standing by, waiting for tonite's results. Go Mitt.