Monday, January 21, 2008

Exciting weekend...

Saturday was a great day! Romney was able to win the Nevada caucus with a stunning 51% of the vote. Can you say landslide? I am hearing a lot of spin from the MSM that his win, that includes more delegates that South Carolina, does not count as much as McCain's win in SC. I don't really get that. They keep saying it was uncontested. Bologna! McCain is from right next door. I take it as the sign of a smart campaign that would go where the delegates are. This contest is unlike any that we have seen. It is really looking like it is coming down to a battle for delegates. Romney went for the delegates, plain and simple. I say smart move! (Thank you to my Nevada friends and relatives that went to caucus and supported Romney. Hopefully, my reminder email helped you get out and vote.)

With the results in South Carolina, I think this will be a very interesting week for conservatives. I think Huckabee and Thompson are bleeding. Huck has shown that he can not expand his base beyond evangelicals. I think he is done, other than trying to hurt Romney as much as possible so he can vie for a VP spot. I would be very surprised if Thompson stays in the race too much longer. I would not be surprised at all (though slightly disappointed) if he endorses his good old buddy McCain. In fact, some quotes from people within his campaign seem to be offering him as a good VP choice. I believe and hope that many of Fred's supporters will become Romney supporters. Both Mitt and Fred are good conservatives and I think their base have a lot of overlapping issues. It would be a good fit for them. In any case, I think there will be movement among conservatives to begin rallying to Mitt. And seriously, with the economy the way it is, is there anyone better than Mitt to take the helm?!?

I am hopeful for Florida. The Rasmussen poll that came out today had Mitt in the lead by 5 points. I think it will be an exciting battle! I am very much looking forward the debate on Thursday night. Go Mitt!!!

Updated numbers...

Race At A Glance
Total Primary Votes: Romney McCain Huckabee Giuliani Thompson
Iowa 29,494 15,559 40,841 4,097 15,904
New Hampshire 75,202 88,447 26,760 20,387 2,884
Michigan 337,847 257,251 139,699 24,706 32,135
Nevada 22,649 5,651 3,521 1,910 3,521
S. Carolina 64,970 143,224 128,908 9,112 67,897
Total 530,162 510,132 339,824 59,312 103,553
Total Delegates: 59 32 38 1 4

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