Monday, January 21, 2008

Something other than politics...

I had a friend wonder if I was going to write about anything other than politics. I guess I am pretty focused on the presidential race. I believe this is such an important election that I spend a lot of time on the computer reading everything I can get my hands on. As I tell Ken, when he mentions my "addiction," it takes a lot of time to be informed. :)

In any case, I am still doing many things other than sitting here in front of the computer. Besides teaching 20 voice students I am still taking lessons myself. I am really enjoying that and having so much fun discovering my voice. I had been wandering in that area for a long time (12 years or so). Mary Ann is a wonderful teacher and I am so grateful for her help and feedback. I feel I am making progress. I hope it will get me closer to my plan of getting back on the stage when my kids are a bit older.

My last lesson I got the chance to do several songs from Wicked. I have been working on "The Wizard and I" for a few months. I am almost there and getting to the polishing point. My mix is coming much easier and I am starting to feel more comfortable on the piece. I am now starting to work on "Defying Gravity." To be honest, that song is pretty scary to me, but Mary Ann thinks my voice will be great in that song. I'll keep you updated on how it is going...

I also had the chance to do my favorite song from Wicked, "I'm Not That Girl." This was the first time I got to do it for my lesson. When I first started the song I was "channeling" (as Mary Ann said) that sweet voice used in the recording. She then helped me get more connected and sing with my full voice, nice and easy, but still connected down to my chest. Here is a link so you can listen to that part of my lesson. (I'm sorry I have not figured out how to get it into an audio player. I will continue to work on that.)

I totally love this song! I know exactly how Elphaba feels here. I mean, what girl doesn't know what it feels like to have the boy she loves, choose someone else? I remember what that feels like and it is so easy to let that emotion show through while I sing it. It breaks my heart and I can totally connect with that emotion. It is not a showstopper like some of the other songs in the show, but it is my favorite.

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ThatsKarlWithaK said...

I love to hear about your lessons--good for you, doing something you love and are good at even when your are so busy. 20 voice students? Thank you for including the sample of your lovely voice--more, more, more please! I love to hear and see my friends' talents; I won't get sick of it ever.--Jen