Sunday, January 6, 2008

You can take this with a grain of salt...

But Mitt was a rock star tonight! He totally rocked tonight's debate. There was more substance from all the candidates, but Mitt blew everyone away with his depth of the issues. I totally agree that Washington is broken and someone that has a record of turning things around is just the one to do fix it. I also like how he calmed down a bit, spoke a little slower, and really did a great job communicating his ideas and why he is in the race. I love it! What a great performance!

P.S. I sure hope that Luntz's focus group is right on. (Although only 3 people were supporting Mitt at the beginning of the debate, an overwhelming majority said they were supporting him after the debate.) I hope enough New Hampshire voters were watching!

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joette said...

We didn't get to see Sat. night's debate (and little of Sunday's for that matter, due to my baby waking up screaming every hour!) but what I did see and hear of Sunday's debate it sounded like Mitt 'won. I will be interested to see how Tuesday plays out.