Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The sweet taste of VICTORY!

Last night I stayed up watching the news until the results of Michigan's primary was 100% in. Mitt won with a very convincing 39% of the vote. What else was interesting to note was the results of the exit polls. He won in almost every area, even beating Huckabee among Evangelical voters! Check out the exit poll numbers at

I love that he has "found his voice" and is again focusing on the idea that Washington is broken and he is the man with the skill set and integrity to fix it. This is the part of his candidacy that I find the most exciting! He has shown over and over that he can take on tough problems and turn them around -- many businesses, the Olympics, and Massachusetts. There is no one in the race that is even close to his credentials. I hope he rides this message all the way to the White House. He is making many promises, but he kept all 100 he made in Massachusetts and I think he will do the same when he gets his hands on Washington. (The idea that a Washington insider and lifelong politician can bring about real and meaningful change is laughable -- that means you McCain!)

Now on to South Carolina and Nevada! My Nevada relatives and friends be warned. I will be contacting you to make sure you are going to caucus on Saturday for the best candidate, Mitt Romney, of course!

A few numbers taken from Hugh Hewitt's site:

Race At A Glance
Total Primary Votes: Romney McCain Huckabee Giuliani Thompson
Iowa 29,494 15,559 40,841 4,097 15,904
New Hampshire 75,202 88,447 26,760 20,387 2,884
Michigan 337,847 257,251 139,699 24,706 32,135
Total 442,543 361,257 207,300 49,190 50,923
Total Delegates: 52 15 22 1 6


estanworth said...

So he's totally in the lead?!! How awesome!

Alison said...

this is REALLY turning into an interesting race.