Friday, January 4, 2008

It was a rough night...

I can't pretend that I am not disappointed by last night's Iowa caucus results. It was a hard night and Mitt is down, but not out. I think the thing that I am most upset about is how so many people would choose style over substance, one-liners over policy. They fell victim to the classic ploy; "I'm one of you, I feel your pain, and oh, I play in a band." I take some comfort in the fact that Huckabee's record will be shouted from the rooftops. How he substantially increased spending and taxes, made many questionable pardons, was weak on illegal immigration, and had many ethical problems while in the governor's triple wide. He is a smart and slick politician, but I hope people start to see through his nice-guy persona.

Governor Romney has the substance needed in the white house. I want someone who will cut spending and lower taxes. I want someone who has the ability and skills to streamline government to make it work better for us, the people. I want someone who has a common sense approach to illegal immigration and stop the magnets that encourage people to come here illegally. I want someone that has an good understanding of foreign policy (and knows where Pakistan is on the map). I want someone who is conservative socially AND economically. I completely maintain that Governor Mitt Romney is that man and I will continue supporting his effort and presidential bid!

On to Wyoming, the Sunday debate, and New Hampshire.

I will continue working hard here with the grassroots effort in Colorado. I am learning a lot and doing things outside my comfort zone. I am grateful I decided to take a chance and get involved. I want to make my voice heard.

That being said, I will exert my will-power and not sit here reading everything I could possibly find on the election. I am going to take my kids to the WOW Children's museum and do something FUN with my cute kiddos!

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ThatsKarlWithaK said...

Carli, I admire greatly your effort to go outside your comfort zone, really. And fun...the WOW museum. I'm glad my kids don't know yet that it's embarrassing to say they didn't go anywhere during their holiday break. --Jen