Sunday, January 6, 2008

winners and losers...

Last night's debate was, so far, the best one by far. Here's how I saw it:

Mitt won: He, far and away, had the most substance. He was the most well versed in policy and specifics. The guy is so incredibly smart. That being said, he did get beat up a bit, but other than getting a bit flustered, he stuck to his message. He stuck to policy and differences in record. He certainly took the high road and did not attack back personally.

Fred won: Okay, I know I gave him a hard time at first, but he has become my number two. He stands for conservative principles and can be charming. I wish he could be a little more dynamic.

Rudy: he did fine, except what is this "they can pay a fine and it is not amnesty." In my definition, if an illegal immigrant can stay here indefinitely, it is amnesty.

Ron Paul: I wish the guy weren't so nuts, because he sometimes has some good ideas.

Huckabee lost: He disappeared for long stretches of the debate and when he did speak he was long on feel good rhetoric and short on substance. Other than his childish barbs, he was essentially a non factor.

McCain lost: I was really disappointed in him. I have been trying to look for his good side, but it is getting harder to see. He came off as a mean, bully picking on the smartest guy in school. (Hint: don't chortle at your own jokes.) Other than foreign policy, his substance is very lacking and I cannot trust a word that comes out of his mouth. And seriously, if he calls me "his friend" one more time, I am going to vomit!

I get frustrated with everyone climbing on the "Mitt is a flip-flopper" train. At some point in the debate everyone (except Ron Paul) made a crack at his expense. That is where everyone is on thin ice. Everyone on that stage has made changes in their tune. Huckabee was talking during the debate how you can shift your policies. McCain was saying he has learned from his mistake on illegal immigration and that now he thinks about it differently -- how so, I cannot tell. The point is, they are all pots too and should stop calling the kettle black, it just might come back to bite them.

I am really looking forward to tonight's debate. Fox news channel. 6:00 -- my time.

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