Thursday, January 24, 2008

Not quite as bloody as I thought it would be...

Almost done with my second time through tonight's MSNBC Florida debate. First off, Mitt hit it out of the park. When even the liberal pundits talk about how good he was, you have to realize he was superb! He had a great balance of some fantastic sound bites ("General Hillary," "Can't imagine Bill back in the White House with nothing to do...") with detailed policy. He answered the questions clearly and really sold his message. On the economy he was amazing, as I would expect him to be. His prowess in that area contrasted significantly to McCain's lack of knowledge on the subject -- he totally looked lost at some points.

I was really impressed with Mitt. I was somewhat surprised that the other candidates didn't take him on more. Apparently Brian Williams and Tim Russert also wanted a little more blood and then asked Mitt three questions in a row (spending his own money in his campaign, the "Mormon question," and taking on Bill and Hillary in the fall). Seriously, look up the transcript or watch it on on youtube.

The winners (and losers) as I see it...
1. Mitt
2. Rudy
3. Ron Paul
4. McCain
5. Huckabee (this guy talks more and says less than anyone I can think of!)

Florida is in just a few days. It has got to be "go big or go home" time!

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