Wednesday, February 6, 2008

100 bits of random about me...

Many of my friends have been writing a list of random things about themselves. And since this blog is also my journal, I thought it would be fun to try. I have no idea if I can actually get to 100, but here it goes...
  1. I appear braver on the outside than I am on the inside.
  2. I think Peyton is the cutest pigtail girl -- ever!
  3. I have climbed Mt. Fuji twice.
  4. I love listening to and watching thunderstorms.
  5. I am a sympathy crier (when I see someone start crying, I end up joining them)
  6. I can fit my fist in my mouth.
  7. I have never had a speeding ticket.
  8. I think my eyes are pretty.
  9. I am able to cut Ken and Trevor's hair.
  10. I LOVE to travel...
  11. but I am not very adventurous when it comes to trying new food.
  12. I am continually amazed by my husband, especially when he plays the piano.
  13. I have lived in 19 different homes.
  14. I am good at keeping in touch with people.
  15. I have never had a cavity or braces.
  16. My biggest fear about getting my wisdom teeth pulled was that I would start singing show tunes while I was on the laughing gas.
  17. I wanted to marry Ken so much, I proposed to him. (He turned me down though.)
  18. I am good at folding laundry.
  19. I love ballroom dancing.
  20. I only applied to two colleges -- BYU and UNLV and got accepted to both.
  21. I had a solo in almost every high school choir concert.
  22. I love discussing church doctrine.
  23. I have been "in love" four times.
  24. I am enthusiastic.
  25. I love to sleep.
  26. I am a night owl.
  27. I have chronic fatigue syndrome.
  28. Put a good audio book and I could drive for hours and hours.
  29. My sister and I are the same age for over 2 weeks each year.
  30. I love others intensely.
  31. I love kissing in the rain.
  32. I have sensitive ears.
  33. Other than a few basics, I am not that into jewelry.
  34. I tend to look on the bright side.
  35. Coffee is my favorite smell.
  36. I am fiercely patriotic.
  37. I think Ken just keeps getting hotter!
  38. I am kinder to others than I am to myself.
  39. I am so proud when I listen to Morgan read.
  40. I have no self control when I am reading a good book.
  41. I want to be a better photographer.
  42. I played volleyball and basketball in high school.
  43. I am rather addicted to scrapbook paper.
  44. I still get nervous just about every time I sing a solo.
  45. I have always been blessed with amazing friends.
  46. Music speaks to my soul.
  47. I loved going to school at BYU.
  48. I enjoy helping others feel better about themselves.
  49. I love to laugh!
  50. I have a serious thing for guys with a great speaking voice.
  51. I have dated a guy before where my main attraction to him was his speaking voice.
  52. I wish my hand/eye coordination was better.
  53. I totally need down/me time!
  54. I have discovered that I really like politics.
  55. I can be opinionated.
  56. I am passionate about things and people that are important to me.
  57. I love hearing from old friends.
  58. I really, really like kissing.
  59. I have such admiration for people that always want to do what is right.
  60. I wish I were more patient, but apparently not enough that I actually work at it.
  61. I am a "meat and potatoes" kind of gal.
  62. I have never broken a bone.
  63. I loved being a "military brat."
  64. I have been truly broken-hearted.
  65. I think it would be fun to be a professional organizer.
  66. I am an awesome Guesstures player.
  67. I usually like just about everyone.
  68. I wish I could type faster.
  69. I am the person to call if you ever want an "appropriate reaction."
  70. I don't mind being a homebody.
  71. My favorite singer is Ella Fitzgerald.
  72. I slept with a stuffed sheep named after an old boyfriend throughout most of high school.
  73. My favorite sound is hearing my children sing.
  74. I need to get better at doing the basics of the gospel.
  75. I spend too much time thinking about "what ifs."
  76. The best part of the day is getting into bed with Ken and sharing some pillow talk.
  77. I like to make "good time" on a trip.
  78. I think the funniest thing I have have heard was when Morgan asked me, "did Grandma play that funky music?" (My great-grandmother died just a few days after Peyton was born. We traveled out to Utah for the funeral and the trip had quite a big impact on Morgan. Several months later, we were all singing Play That Funky Music. You know the part, "lay down and boogie and play that funky music 'til you die," well Morgan took that idea pretty literally.)
  79. I love that my kids know and sing show tunes. :)
  80. I prefer pepsi to coke.
  81. I hate it when people use improper grammar, especially when they use the wrong tense of a word.
  82. I really, really, really hate seafood, but I wish I liked it because it sounds so grownup.
  83. I love going out to eat.
  84. I have a theory that the land of milk and honey mentioned in the Bible is actually Costco.
  85. I wish I had better taste in clothes and what looks good on me.
  86. I don't really like sharing my food.
  87. In 7th grade a boy named Ben always teased me about my lips and it made me very self-conscious about them. (I got over it though and now I like my lips.)
  88. My biggest fear is that I won't be good enough.
  89. I love nuzzling Ken's neck and smelling him.
  90. I like movies and TV far too much.
  91. My inner dialog is not very helpful at times.
  92. I love hanging out with my family -- my parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, and cousins.
  93. I think/hope I am easy to talk to.
  94. I don't get offended very easily.
  95. The first real concert that I went to was a Manhattan Transfer concert with my friend Carlos. I think we were the only people there under 40.
  96. I recommend that every singer/choir director marries their accompanist.
  97. I have a hard time keeping all the household papers under control.
  98. My favorite song is Someone to Watch Over Me.
  99. I spend far too much time on the computer.
  100. I have a very strong testimony that Jesus Christ is my Savior.


Alison said...

fantastic list--i have so loved reading everyone's lists lately--it really helps me get to know people.

Rochelle said...

I think I knew almost all of those things about you! You forgot a couple though:

#101 - you need to accept that you are pretty darn awesome!

#102 - you make the best-est (sorry for the inappropriate grammar) poppy-seed cake, chicken noodle soup & clam chowder.

#103 - anyone that counts you as their friend is blessed indeed.


#104 - you have great feet!

Amy said...

What a great list! You are such a fun person! It helped me get to know you better, and I look forward to continuing to get to know you even more! (The funky music thing was HILARIOUS!)

Becky said...

You inspired me. I'll have to try harder to share my food. :)

Thank you for all your "appropriate reactions" - I love that about you!

estanworth said...

Awesome! You did it! I learned some stuff about you and that is the best part of doing this. Good Job!!

Robb and Kris said...

Loved the list...I think you are pretty much in love with Ken. He slipped into your list a lot. :)

Tirsa & Blaine said...

A few comments:
-I, too, hate when people say things like, "I seen him at the store". Really, you seen him?
-Loved the funky music story. Too cute.
-I am a witness to how much you love kissing...midnight on New Year' and Ken really brought the New Year in with passion! So great!
-I don't understand the pepsi over coke thing...I am totally the opposite.
-I'd love to hear the story behind your proposal, his refusal, and then the actual proposal/acceptance!

Jen said...

Thank you for sharing and I agree with Rochelle's addition of #102 for the chicken noodle soup. Please add sheepherder's bread to the list and #105--you make people feel good about themselves; I think it's you're smile and sincerity.

brenda said...

WOW! Carli I had no idea we had so much in common. However, I like shrimp cocktail. I never sing in public, but really loud in the car. My sister and I are the same age for 2 days.

The Cox Family said...

This is so great Carli! Thanks for sharing. I love Someone to Watch Over Me too! It was the first song I ever sang in a recital. Your confidence and strong self-esteem is very admirable!

Kirsten said...

The sleep comments conflict one another--they do have great medications for this...I hate seafood, too-which pretty much sux as a New Englander!