Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Romney Rally...

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend a Rally for Mitt Romney. I went with Ken and several friends. We had a fantastic time. The place was absolutely packed and we were luck to find a place inside. The crowd had an amazing energy. Both Wayne Allard (CO senior senator) and Bob Beauprez were there and helped introduce Mitt. The speech Mitt gave was inspirational and made me realize more than ever that this is the man we need in the White House. I totally agree with his platform -- strong family, strong military, and strong economy. He did a great job tying in the economy into both the military and family. If we have a vibrant economy, we will be able to strengthen our military and be able to care better for our veterans. A strong economy can strengthen families by creating good jobs and stability. Health care ties in with that as well. There is no reason that we shouldn't have affordable health care and Mitt has actually passed health care! I couldn't agree more, Washington is broken and Mitt Romney has the skills we need to fix it. I was so glad we had the opportunity go go hear him speak and enjoy the energy that was there.

It was also thrill to shake Mitt's hand. I think everyone in our group got to shake his hand and say something to him. I didn't get the best picture with him, but I'm glad that I finally got one. I also got my picture with Senator Allard. We also saw many local news celebrities. Another fun thing was seeing campaign Carl Cameron. He brushed right past me. when I yelled out to him, he turned around and smiled and waved at me. (I would like him a little better if he didn't slant toward McCain so much.)

Here is a link to watch the rally.

So I hope you like the pictures and videos...

Brandie and Jason, Kris, Erica and Jamey, and Ken

Me with Senator Allard





Brian Wenham said...

I remembered my Google password finally (being 38 must be getting to me!), so I thought I'd leave a comment on your blog.

Nice pics BTW! Sorry I couldn't make really gets in the way of life sometimes.

So far you are the only one to respond to my debate email.


Liz said...

Fantastic pics, I was so excited to seeing them posted. By the way, you probably already know but just in case you hadn't heard, the Denver Post endorsed Romney! It's in today's paper.

estanworth said...

It was so great. I'm glad I got to go!!

The Cox Family said...

That is awesome Carli! What a great experience and to shake Romney's hand, WOW! Maybe we'll see you tomorrow night at the Caucus!

smallred said...

Carli, I'm getting a little bit tired of these forged pictures you put up. I ran my pixel tampering software on one of the pictures and found the following - click here. The first step is deleting Photo Shop from your computer.