Friday, February 15, 2008

"You gotta have friends..."

This song has been running through my head. When it was time for gymnastics this morning I called out to Trevor, "Hey buddy we gotta go." Peyton ran up to me with sheer joy in her face yelling, "Yia!" (That would be Lydia, her bestest bud.) When I explained to her that we weren't going to Lydia's house but taking Trevor to gymnastics, she stuck out her lips in her best pout and cried, "mo yia!" (More Lydia!) So super cute! I know how important my friends are to me and I am glad my children are forming good friendships even at their young ages. Peyton, at not even two, is the perfect example of why "you gotta have friends."


Brandie Lyon said...

She IS so cute. I've seen that pouty lip. How could you resist it? Too bad she didn't get to see Yia yesterday.

mom said...

what a cutie-patootee! would love a "yee-yo" (video) of it all.


Three Girls and a Boy said...

Ah, what a darling little toddler you have! I want to see some more pics of your kids...they grow so fast! Love you girl! ~Kacy